Forza Horizon 3: Porsche Car Pack AKA the 2016 GT3 RS

So if you haven’t heard the news, Forza announced their six year partnership with Porsche earlier this week. Not only is the prospect of driving Porsches in future Forza games invigorating, but you can be driving an Ultraviolet 2016 GT3 RS around Australia right now! Ultraviolet! How’s that for invigorating?

A total of seven Porsche models are available for download. By now, you probably know what models those are but here’s a short list of must drives: 2016 GT3 RS​, 1960 718 RS 60, 2016 Cayman GT4, finally, the 2017 Panamera Turbo. Did I mention the 2016 GT3 RS? Oh yeah, I did. The most obvious MUST drive of the bunch, and, more than likely, the first Porcshe unit you took for a spin. I mean, you’re a car guy; there’s​ no way that humongous wing got passed you.

Let’s talk about it: Besides the fact that it’s 3100lbs of Nurburging-slashing, German-engineered goodness, the mere presence of the GT3 RS is that of honor. Since it’s debut in 1998 as a track-centered 911, the GT3 nameplate has crossed the finish line in gold position in a number of big-name championships and endurance races. We’re standing in the presence of greatness here; albeit virtually standing, but standing, still!

Finally, we’ve got our chance to win some gold of our own. Ah yes, 500hp and 339lbft sprouting from a naturally-aspirated 4.0L flat-six. This is translated to the ground through the RS’s advanced 7-speed DCT PDK. The front end is buttery and it does your will with the nannies in ‘off’ position. An awesome rear-end yeilds an even better front end and it is well done! We can thank rear-axel steering and Porcshe’s ‘Torque Vectoring Plus’ for the obedience. And the downforce from that rear spoiler! This car screams “DRIVE ME” even louder than that flat-six at the 8800 rpm redline! You can almost hear the satisfactory chants of purists in the background. Sorry, RUF. We got the real thing and we’ve earned it!

There’s more models to come in this months series of ‘#Forzathon’ challenges. Namely, the iconic Porsche 959, the 911 Turbo 3.3, and the most welcomed 918 Spyder. Note that you do not need to have the Porsche Car Pack to get these cars. You only need to beat the challenges. Evidently, there’s even more to come from Porcshe and ‘#Forzathon’ per Forza Week in Review 4-14-17.

My only question is: Where is the McLaren 675LT???

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