Full Sail University Joins the E-Sports League


The largest college E-Sports arena has emerged at Full Sail University. Will this be the start of the NCAA style of E-Sports Stadiums around the U.S.? E-Sports is continuing to grow and develop. Full Sail University had a grand opening for their E-Sports Arena on Tuesday, May 21 and announced their E-Sports team as Armada. Will this become the beginning of an E-Sports college league and will this become as big as March Madness is for college basketball? I sure hope so. E-Sports, as a whole, has been emerging as one of the most high-level professional team and single player gaming event forums in the world. Sponsors have made investments into teams and the E-Sports field as a whole


This new E-Sports stadium’s occupancy reaches 500 people, which could make this a major venue for students and gamers in Florida. The size of the entire arena is 11,200 square feet, which makes Full Sail University in ownership of the largest E-Sports College Arena. I’m definitely excited to go and view the stage myself, as being a current student of Full Sail’s Game Design bachelor of science program. I am hoping that their team can compete and make serious noise in E-Sports competitions in the near future. The arena’s name is called “The Fortress” and the collegiate E-Sports name is The Armada. Florida Mayhem, an Atlantic Division E-Sports team, visited the campus and was the only team from Florida that competed in the Atlantic Division of the Overwatch League.


“Not only will it be the largest collegiate E-Sports arena, but the Fortress will also house incredible technology aimed at delivering the best E-Sports experience, including the latest generation live video equipment by Ross Video, Sony video monitors and cameras, giant high-resolution LED screens by Absen, multi-zone loudspeaker systems by L-Acoustics, media servers by Green Hippo, and high-bandwidth dedicated internet connectivity to guarantee the best game-playing and viewing experience for our audience,” said Luis Garcia, Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Full Sail University. Full Sail

What do you think the outcome will be from Full Sail University opening an E-Sports arena of this magnitude? Do you think other colleges will join in the E-Sports competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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