Galak-Z Rockets To PS4, PC and PS Vita This Fall

Uchuu Senshi Gara-Z aka Space Warrior Galak-Z (Not Galaxy) is a throwback to those cheesy old school space animes from the 80’s with the title alone.

Revealed by Joystiq, at PAX East 2014 from developer 17-Bit, Galak-Z is a 2D shooter game but 17-Bit promises that it’s not another run of the mill 2D shooter. Galak-Z is a reminiscent of the game Asteroids but with almost all the modern 2-D technology injected into it. “It’s not about waves of enemies,” said Kazdal. “It’s about leading shots; the AI becomes apparent as you play. We put a lot of work into the AI dodging shots and being something we don’t normally see in arcade shooters.”

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