This Game Should Not be $60!

I wanted to shed some light on something that seems to be completely disregarded. I understand there is a movement that is taking steam “#PS4noparity”, but why isn’t this being discussed? What in the world justifies GTA V being $60 dollars again for the Ps4 and Xbox One? Why is it that a another game that was just released last year gets to dig into gamers pockets for a game we just played? I was looking to get GTA V for the next gen, now current gen consoles to continue the experience, but definitely not at the price of $60. I understand they’re adding new features and missions, but when it comes down to it, it’s the same game with enhanced graphics.
With all honestly I wouldn’t see it as such a big deal if the price was set at $50 dollars. To sell GTA V at a retail price of $60 dollars is very unreasonable considering it’s a re-release of a fairly new game. I’m hoping this won’t be a trend where remakes of fairly new games cost as much as their counterparts – as if it didn’t release about a week ago. If you caught what I just did there, you are real. Anyways it’s not urgent in my opinion just a tad bit ridiculous.
Also one more thing $50 dollars seems unreasonable as well. I think $40 dollars should be the max price. Shoutouts to Jackie Chan’s Uncle. Tell me if you think $60 dollars is unreasonable or unreasonable.

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