Game Industry Veterans Form Oxide Games

Entering a new console generation things such as engines are Brought up in  conversation quite alot as they are the Power behind the games created with them. EA has the Ignite engine as well as Frostbite 3, Ubisoft has Disrupt, Anvil Next and the UbiArt Framework. And Epic Has begun Readying Unreal Engine 4. Though a new company has be founded and they plan to create an engine to compete with all of these already outstanding engines.

Oxide Games has been founded by True Veterans of the Industry and they are:

  • Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock
  • Dan Baker, Civilization V DirectX 11 engine designer
  • Marc Meyer, Civilization V UI designer
  • Brian Wade, Civilization V lead developer
  • Tim Kipp, Civilization V 3D engine architect and systems lead


The new 64-bit Nitrous engine is Designed to run on multi-core processors. It’s intended use is for PC, PS4 as well as the Xbone. Stardock, who  provided the seed funding for Oxide Games are currently working on titles that run on this brand new engine.

Final thought’s:
This new Engine sound promising in my personal opinion i think i t has alot of potential. Though it doesn’t seem like the wii-u will be getting this new engine. What do you guys think about this new engine ? Do you think it has the potential to blow away all the current engines games run on today? Or will it simply be another gaming engine? Only time will tell

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2 thoughts on “Game Industry Veterans Form Oxide Games

  1. Why won’t the Wii U be getting it?

    • the xbone, ps4 and PC are the only consoles that they announced that they’d be testing and using the new engine on. hopefully the wii-u gets it

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