Gamers Are Just Nit-Picking the Xbox One Now

Anyone who has been following my articles here on GaminRealm knows good-and-well that I am far from an Xbox One or Microsoft apologist. Back when the company had their DRM plan in-place, I was right there with the rest of the gaming world campaigning to get Microsoft to repeal their decision. After the Xbox One’s reveal conference, I was right there with the rest of the gaming world critiquing the living hell out of it. But I’m just going to be real here for a second people; gamers are just going too far with the criticism now.

For those who may not know exactly what I am talking about, the official Xbox YouTube channel uploaded an unboxing video featuring Major Nelson, where he of course unboxed what will be the retail package we gamers can expect when the system hits later this year.


So what do gamers decide to pay attention to during this unboxing? Not the fact that it turns out that the Xbox One will indeed include a headset when many bashed it when they thought that the system wouldn’t. Not the fact that the console isn’t as big as we previously thought. No, neither of those things. Gamers decided to isolate and focus on the rather large power brick.

Excuse me, but why is this a problem? Is the power brick somehow going to impede on your ability to play your games on the Xbox One? Are you going to be sitting there starring at it, appalled by it’s size rather then actually looking at the TV screen? Don’t get me wrong people, I’m all for small form-factors when it comes to my electronics, but gamers are really blowing this into something much bigger than what it actually is.

Not to mention, this brick seems to actually be smaller than the Xbox 360’s, so it’s actually an improvement. And I find it strange how I’ve even seen a few Nintendo fans bashing the Xbox One for it’s power brick, when the Wii U has a pretty hefty power brick itself (how do you think the Wii U is so small?).

I’m not blind to any of the Xbox One’s flaws. Although the system has been gradually improving over the months, it’s still chuck-full of problems, don’t get me wrong. All I am saying here is, let’s discuss and point out actual issues regarding the system and not these petty little non-factors.

Again, I personally feel that the Xbox One is still a very flawed system, but for a lot of gamers I see nowadays, people are critiquing it for the sake of simply hating on the system. Why some make it their mission to constantly attack any piece of plastic and silicon is beyond me.

It’s time to cut to crap.

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34 thoughts on “Gamers Are Just Nit-Picking the Xbox One Now

  1. It’s not nitpicking. The Xbone is junk. It’s horribly designed too. And the PS4 is much more powerful. Microsoft should hire Sony to design their hardware so they don’t need to use a power brick. By now you’d think Microsoft would have their act together on this one. The Xbone is a lot bigger than the PS4 and still needs a power brick instead of an internal power supply.

    • Your response alone was full of nitpicking WHO CARES about the design if…. its literally a gaming console that PLAYS GAMES sO WHAT PART OF THE POWER BRICK IMPROVES YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE L..O..L My good friend look up the term nit picking you are doing just that

      • ““much more powerful””

        512mb gddr5 > 1gb drr3
        Good source huh? lol

        Cheap ass M$. Old ass ram tech. Stupid xbox supporters.

        I only see one console that came out with ni no kuni, GOW, The Last Of Us, Beyond, Dragons Crown,Tales of Xillia,

        New Ratchet&Clank, Pupeteer,

        While sony gamers pre orders ps4.

        Sony supported ps2 when ps3 was coming and now ps3 when ps4 is coming.

        M$? Move their xbone exclusives from 360 to xbone. lol
        The last new AAA IP on the 360 was Alan Wake in 2010 and it’s better on pc. :p

        • A revered developer knows than you could ever hope to know. I still won’t be getting the Xbox One, but really?

    • Horribly designed how? Please enlighten us. Why because it doesn’t look like a PS4?. Well guess what?. It’s not a PS4 it’s an Xbox One. Just like a PS4 isn’t an Xbox One. Your sad rant offers nothing of legit concern.

    • Agreed with Iam XV. This shows that Sony is ahead of the game, smaller size and slightly better performance.

      It’s what XB1 fanboys don’t want to hear. But why censor facts?

    • haha my friend you should be very lucky you appear annonymous on the internet cuz your arguement is amazingly laughably stupid.
      1. being Horribly designed is an opinion
      2. if you mean designed on the inside what do you know about game/console designing?
      3. ps4 is more powerful than xbox one; well… what makes it more powerful? is it the ram? well according to sony 3.5 of its 8 gigs of ram will be used for its operating system while the xbox one will only be using 3 of those 8 gigs with the rest desicated to gaming. The xbox one has more ram dedicated to gaming than your precious sony ps4. is it your precious gddr5? well it has been tested that gddr5 has proved to be around 35 percent faster than ddr3 type random acess memory, although with this the xbox one has special type edram and esram which is imbedded in the xbox ones chip for readily acessing memory which in term speeds up the power of the systems ram by numbers posted by microsoft by 88%. The ps4 doesnt have embedded ram or esram. Even the wii u has edram for faster memory. The 88 % increase skyrockets the speed of the xbox ones ram to far more than the ps4s gddr5 my friend. so ps4 is more powerful? what? how is the ps4 more powerful?

  2. Most of the people complaining are Sony trolls just click on anyone’s name who talking shit and you will see 99% of them are Sony fans, If Sony fans are willing to spent all there time bashing Xbox videos that tells me MS must be doing something right.

    • My friend you are sooooo correct on that point. I could not disagree with you. They kill me with laughter, me and my family have said the same thing.

    • You're not a true gamer says:

      Not true, all kinds of gamers have been bashing it. PC gamers Nintendo gamers, former xbox gamers and yes Sony gamers. But the only ones praising it and complaining about people bashing it are xbox fanboys. 100%

      If so many xbox fanboys are willing to spend all their time defending xbox that tells me MS is in big trouble.

      • Spoken like a true Sony fanboy– anti-Xbox rather. A great majority of people bashing are just Sony fanboys/bandwagoners. I guess it’s the trend.

  3. people don’t like the brick because they failed alot with the 360….

    • What are you talking about?
      I have never heard of a single persons power brick failing..
      I’ve purchased 3 360’s. I’ll admit that one was rrod which was quite annoying. but a power brick failing ALOT??

      • oh well since the 3 power bricks you owned out of the 10’s of millions out there,it must not be true….

    • therealharmyb says:

      I find it funny how people magically come up with a reason why a power brick is bad. The first time I heard of an Xbox 360 power brick “failing”, is when the public saw the Xbox One power brick…

  4. people aren’t nitpicking, there’s literally nothing cool sounding about the xbox one, and there are literally no exclusives that look remotely interesting.

    • You sound ridiculous..

    • therealharmyb says:

      “No exclusives that look remotely interesting”

      – Dead Rising 3
      – Ryse: Son of Rome
      – Forza Motorsport 5
      – Titanfall
      – Halo
      – Quantum Break

      Not to mention the timed exclusive DLC for, not only, Call of Duty, but Battlefield aswell!

      Then there’s the mulitplatform games….

      How dare you say game son Xbox One don’t look “remotely interesting”

      Don’t, just don’t…

      • TCompton301 says:

        Those don’t seem interesting. There, I said it, and I meant it.

      • Titanfall is not exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome looks like a big cluster fuck of quick time event, Quantum Break looks good but we have to wait and see because we know nothing, Dead Rising 3 looks good but most people think it’s a timed exclusive (I don’t but it looks likely), Forza looks great but I am not a racing fan, and Halo is too far off to buy the thing day one. But those are the announced game for XBOX ONE, now let’s check out the PS4. Deep Down is the same excuse that I used with Quantum Break, looks cool but we don’t know nothing about it, Drive Club the same excuse as Forza, Killzone is not my cup of tee, Knack looks like my type of game but the same excuse for Quantum Break and Deep Down, The Order: 1886 looks good but we know nothing about it just like Knack, Deep Down, and Quantum Break, and Infamous: Second Son looks great and I love the first 2. But dispite my preference for Sony games, The XBOX ONE is on my radar because I am studying to be a Game Designer and every XBOX ONE is going to be a Dev-Kit, so that makes me want The XBOX ONE over The PS4. But I am not buying nether, of them as of right now. I am going to buy me a 3DS that have more then enough games that are in my radar, and it’s portable.

  5. I’m curious about the max power consumption this thing uses with a power brick that large. It’s not just the bricks size, How many watts is it using during an intense gaming session? For some of us it’s what that size MEANS.

    Everything in the box is huge, who cares?
    The real quest is WHY is it huge?
    The X1 has a large internal fan which keeps it much quieter than a small fan would.
    The size of the Kinect makes NO SENSE, we have all kinds of tiny high resolution cameras, what’s in the Kinect making it need to be so huge?
    The power brick is a mystery as well. Sony and MS used similar hardware this generation yet The One is twice the size of the other aaaand has a rather large external power brick. :/ what gives?

    • I’ll laugh if this generation of consoles, the ps4 craps out due to heat issues. then everyone who complained about the size of the One, as well as the power brick can eat it.

      • It has larger vents than the XB1, much more exposed. You must have not seen the pictures.

    • therealharmyb says:

      I think the main reason is because Microsoft want’s to make everyone aware of their presence in the Living Room. People visiting your house, will no doubt see the massive Kinect on your TV, and wonder/ask what the hell it is!

      As for the power consumption. On standby it hardly uses anything, and on full blast, Microsoft has worked on low power consumption, as they prefer the console to be on at all times, and say that the console’s hardware should last for 10 years. And the power brick isn’t that big, smaller than that of the Xbox 360’s.

  6. There’s something Microsoft isn’t doing right if they don’t know how to minimize the size of a power brick or incorporate it into the console by now.

    By this time you’d expect consoles becoming smaller, just how cell phones became smaller over the years. The XB1 itself looks big and like a VCR, and the power brick only adds to the old/cheap look.

    • RandomRandy says:

      Because we all know cell phones keep getting smaller *looks at the Galaxy Note 2* Here’s an interesting little piece on the X1 design that may enlighten you some, although with that Sony bias it probably won’t.

      I’m sitting here with my Xbox on and that fan is just so annoying, at the same time I was watching a movie on my PS3 and could hear the fan going over the movie in some cases because it was getting too hot. I’d personally much rather have a bigger console that runs quieter thanks to a bigger fan, than a slightly smaller one that will have a noisy one. I’m just making assumptions based on everything I’ve read out there and how the current gen is, so I could be completely wrong and the PS4 could be crazy quiet, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  7. Man, are you lucky I gave you hit for reading this crap. They got bashed for a headset because they were never going to give one until the masses complained, so we get a half assed headset that I had back in middle school for computer class. So why would we focus on that. This power brick is way outdated, this alone should lower the price but knowing MS it’s one the reason the price is where it is.

  8. what i citicized on the video was the Headset… to me it look a little bit fragile

  9. james braselton says:

    hi there how are you going power 8 core cpu

  10. so before you say one console is more powerful than one another stop being a fanboy and actually look up the facts before you start calling another console shit and proclaiming things you dont know about your console.

  11. Xbone lol

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