Gforce | 3 Fantom Drive 1 TB Unboxing and Review


I’ve owned only one previous external drive, it was a 2.5″ notebook style drive. This Fantom Drive is a 3.5″ desktop style drive, and it works like a charm. The setup was as easy as just plugging it in, and setting it up to work with my router was also extremely easy. I am extremely happy with the drive and would recommend it to anyone.

USB 3.0

The first thing I had to test was the transfer speeds, it was first tested on my desktop that only holds 7 2.0 USB ports. It took about 4-5 minutes to transfer a 12gb file, I then tested it with my Yoga on it’s USB 3.o port. It took nearly 1 minute 30 seconds to complete the transfer. I was excited to see a drive transfer information that fast. It really makes me wanna head out and purchase a 3.0 USB PCI Card to upgrade my desktop to USB 3.0, I was very pleased and blown away at the transfer speed.

Brushed Back Aluminum Finish

I had to touch up on it’s look. The drive has the impression of a future drive, it looks incredibly stylish. The front and back of the drive is also Aluminum with holes in the finish to keep the drive as cool as possible. The overall look of the drive is nice, and very well polished.

Network Setup

The drive doesn’t have a built-in network feature. Instead you need a router that features a USB port, that way all you do is hook the drive up to the router, and it acts like a media server. You can now access, store, modify files straight from any wireless device in the house without actually having to physically connect the drive to each device. A big upside to this, is being able to access files on your drive on your phone or tablet. Very rarely does a phone/tablet have a USB port, so it’s very nice to be able to use my files even from my phone. Setting up the drive for network use was really easy, the drive comes pre-formatted to NTFS making it easier for the user to use the drive like this.


The drive is awesome, I couldn’t be more happier with this external drive. It doesn’t make a peep either, it’s really quiet. I also love the stand it comes with, it allows the drive to be placed and used from virtually anywhere. I recommend everyone purchase a drive from Fantom Drives, they know exactly what they are doing.

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