Gold Mario Amiibo Completely Sold Out

I think that we were all expecting this, but Walmart’s exclusive Gold Mario Amiibo is completely sold out. This Amiibo was obviously going to be highly sought after, so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Amiibo craze just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it will probably get worse from here.

While there are collectors out there, many people that purchased these are using it for financial gain. Right now, these figures are being sold on eBay for $100, a steep price for a $12 piece of shiny plastic. I personally don’t support the sellers of these products and I implore you to do the same. This is only going to get crazier with the next wave; prepare to pre-order and hope for the best.

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One thought on “Gold Mario Amiibo Completely Sold Out

  1. Can I have golden mario in amibo please

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