Google’s Twitch Purchase Confirmed

Back in May, word was floating around that Google would be acquiring Twitch for $1 billion. Not much information was given at the time, as the deal was still in the very early stages. It wasn’t even clear if the deal was an actual thing that would happen. As it turns out, the deal is indeed happening, and most people are very worried.

Not too many details about the acquisition is known, and both Google and Twitch have declined to comment. What we do know, is that the Youtube division will be the primary division handling Twitch. Many Youtubers know that this doesn’t sound too promising. While I think Google could help Twitch in certain ways, such as the VOD (video on demand) system, the Youtube division is notorious for making unnecessary changes to the interface that only end up causing things to be less convenient. Hopefully, things will turn out for the better in Twitch’s case.

We’ll be sure to update you on new details and our thoughts as Twitch makes this transformation.

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