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In this day and age of evolving tech, it is unfathomable for a large number of gamers to hear or read that a significant number of gamers like me (as of the date of this article) without Internet in their home. It results from a lack of funds to pay for it or moving or whatever.

Now, remember when the Xbox One was announced earlier in the year? Remember the insane features it was boasting? You don’t remember? Here, Anyway, Microsoft then did a complete 180 to reverse the stuff everyone didn’t like…but there was a catch, you would have to buy the console and then update it through a one day patch that undoes all the old DRM stuff. But like I said before, not every gamer has the internet in their home so what are they to do if they want an Xbox One? Would they be stuck with $500 DRM ridden bricks?

The Emergency Offline Update (EOU) is here to help. All users would need to do is get to a school computer, laptop to a hotspot, etc. and have at least a 2gb flash drive on them, and download here a zip file depending on your console’s OS version.

Thank You, Microsoft. But, that doesn’t solve the problem of having to buy a new HDTV to play the damn thing now.


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