GR Comics Introduction

Welcome to the GaminRealm Comics Section. I’ll give you a breif overview on what I hope to achieve here. We are all nerds here and we have other interests in our culture other than video games. That is where this section of the site comes in. I’m a comic book/manga/cartoon/anime fan (upon inspection they are the same thing) and just like the Comic-Con, this section will celebrate and rate everything here that has nothing to do with gaming because that take up like 90% of the site already. Here are the things you can expect from me and the other if they ever feel like chipping in.

1) Reviews, News,Lists that cover comic book/manga/cartoon/anime. Say like they make another Dragon Ball Z movie, I’ll put it here.

2) Fair reviews: I’m not a weeaboo, so you don’t have to worry about me overshadoing American stuff for Japanese stuff.

3) Reccomendations: I will also write articles in which I reccomend a show, comic,manga and if permitted a game related to comic/manga. I will also do comics/manga/shows based of games. But I’m open to suggestion from the readers for what you want me to do.

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