Gran Turismo Sport Is Knee Deep In Hate-Lake

How is that a game can already come under fire from the purist of the titan franchise Gran Turismo, when it hasn’t even been launched yet. Matter of fact the last time I checked, Gran Turismo Sport hasn’t even received an official launch date, but as of now there has been much un-satisfaction brewing among the franchise fanboys. I sat down with one of those fan boys whether he thinks he is or not, Mr. Vexium Swift, to speak on the condition of the game and where if it has; ultimately gone wrong.

(Note: Bad Language was used, for mature listening audiences only)

So if your a great fan of the sport and of Gran Turismo, how do you feel about this new title essentially being a prologue with slightly upgraded graphics and eye candy as we know it now? Is it worth the buy or is it a pass?

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