Grand Theft Auto 5 Two 8GB Discs

The day has ALMOST arrived, September 17, the long awaited date for the most anticipated game, Grand Theft Auto V. With just one day to go before the release I think it is important to notify something that all GTA fans will want to know for the best experience while playing GTA 5. The game will come with two 8GB discs, one an installation disc and the other for the game. With nearly every new game that I at least purchase, I install the game to my storage space to make sure the game will work for the hours I will be putting into it, however, for gamers picking up GTA 5 for the Xbox 360 are advised by Rockstar to NOT install the game to their storage space, because it will “negatively impact the game performance.” With no clear reason why Rockstar released this statement, they are the pros at their game and gamers should take in consideration for installing the entire game or just play the old fashion way with the disc running.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 5 Two 8GB Discs

  1. I might get this game if it turns out to be the greatest game ever

    • I love this game

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