“Hardcore” Gamers Are Wrong About Mobile Gaming.

(The bulk of the article is about last-gen, so keep that in mind when reading)

Mobile gaming is not evil; there are some stellar games on it and I do go in it or some entertainment. You know, for when the porn app keeps crashing. I do have a love/hate Relationship with mobile gaming. What brought this topic to our radar was the unsurprising reaction to “fans” raging against Capcom (what else is new) for doing something they don’t like. Two new JRPG’s are coming out for mobile devices and in retaliation, nerds flocked to YouTube to express their lack of knowledge about the quality of mobile gaming which tells something:

I’ve got to get new friends who won’t send me links to videos of angry video game nerds on YouTube complaining about something they don’t like.

What is the obsession with hating on mobile gaming? Is it because it’s popular?  Yeah, Mobile gaming kind of sucks. The controls don’t work 90% of the time especially with games with emulated joy pad. You can’t play 30 minutes on it without the battery being half dead. You have to buy expensive controller peripherals that either doesn’t work with the games you have or don’t work at all. But to me, Mobile gaming is not the enemy. I’m well aware of the uninspired, exploitative crap that comes out for it and sells a massive amount. But it’s a lucrative profitable market, everyone has a mobile device and is in need of quality games and this is one of them.  That’s funny because the same thing can be said about console games. In the eyes of the uninitiated at the surface of console gaming the choices of games are Mario, Madden and Call of Duty. A lot of gamers want the familiar, they want the same thing over and over again, but I want variety in my gaming experience and as it stands in this market of copy and paste sequels, Call of Duty rip-offs and all around sewage, I take solace in the fact that my iPod is one of the two places I go to for a major overhaul of gaming quality (The second is PC).  At least with the iOS there is variety as opposed to say the 360 where my only choice seems to be shooter, shooter, sport simulation, and fighter. From my experience with iOS gaming I’ve played some fun titles from almost every genre, except fighters and shooters notwithstanding.


People get at me over the appeal of fighting games. They don’t get what so great about them, they want to know if there’s got to be more to it. I say the same thing about Angry Birds and its many milking spin-offs. I don’t see the appeal in shooting birds at pig stuff, there’s got to be more to it. Alot of core gamers like me oppose it because it’s not very cinematic, these games aren’t the immersive pieces of art we see some games, and want games to be. They are over hyped and slightly overpriced time killing simulators. The ways games are seen is different between parties. We see gaming as a part of our lives, a cherished hobby that we spent our time with. If the game is really good we know that it enriched our lives. While gaming for the mobile party is seen as something to keep the kids quiet or a way to kill time while waiting at the dentist.

The truth is we gamers have the wrong impression of games on the iOS as the quality in games has gone up. Mobile games to gamers is like how Anime is to me, there is way too many cheap crap out there. But you have to delve deep to find gold if you take the time to look for it. We have the wrong impression of them because of over exposure to over hyped garbage such as Angry Birds while good pieces of the medium pass us by. I hear a lot of stellar things about Infinity Blade, the Dead Space game is pretty good, the ports of the PSP Ghost ‘n Goblins are so much fun, Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem, I also recommend the Ultimate Spider-man game. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.

We need to make gaming more open to people; we shouldn’t be making it a major elitist club of heavy duty hardware love and high-end graphics as opposed to actual gameplay. Supporting original good games like Breath of Fire 6 and Blade Fantasia as well as Infinity Blade will show developers we want more from our mobile games. Capcom (besides bringing back Strider, Updating Street Fighter, bringing Phoenix Wright 5) are doing something Wright–I mean right. Turn based and Strategic RPGs are the best genre suited for touch devices seeing as though those games have never needed at least more than 2 buttons to be enjoyable. The first 3 Final Fantasy games for examples.

On one hand my major opposition and a lot of people might agree with me against mobile gaming is the case of major betrayal of watching our beloved publishers bend over backwards to sell games wholesale to the same people who spent the last 20 years or so trash talking our medium as a conduit to violent murderous behavior every time some fruitcake with gun massacres a building of people. But on the other hand, these people can finally see what we love about video games and finally dispel all the negative things said about our beloved medium. Hey, we’ve got to start somewhere.

I’m about go for a gut check here. The New Super Mario Bros Wii and all of its copy and paste follow ups along with Megaman 9 and 10 are just as about complex and deep than the average game of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds. But somehow the former gets more respect. Think about it and tell me I’m wrong.

Mobile gaming is here to stay for as long as it takes and as much as you don’t want it to be, it will be a major player in moving our beloved hobby as an acceptable piece of art.

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6 thoughts on ““Hardcore” Gamers Are Wrong About Mobile Gaming.

  1. Woah the NSMB series are definitely NOT copy and paste games with complexity on the level of cut the rope or angry birds….

    • Your right. They add a few new power ups and change the graphics a bit. WOW! Total innovation! *sarcasm off*

  2. miyamotomusashi says:

    and analysts are wrong with dedicated console games
    1,000,000 PS4 in 24 hours in one region

  3. Mobile gaming isnt gaming

    • But it’s candy machine! Just keep doing the same levels over and over and over and over and over and over and……excuse me while I go play Sim City 4! 🙂

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