“A Hat in Time”, the Quirky Platforming Indie is Looking Great So Far

A Hat in Time is looking pretty great so far. Level editors, a quirky story, girls with mustaches and platforming! The alpha build for the game was officially  released on February 20th and so far the game looks interesting. Although poorly optimized, which is to be expected in the alpha stage of any game. I believe Gears for Breakfast is doing a great job with the game it has a lot of potential. With the  demand for the game and alpha testers pointing out many bugs as well as making suggestions to be added into the game the development team definitely has their work cut out for them within the upcoming months.

AhatinTime mafia_town

The art style is unique yet reminiscent of “The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker” . I plan on supporting the game because i have faith in the fact that the game will be fun, quirky and absolutely entertaining. I’ll be providing Coverage on future developments on the game until its Release later this Year on Steam and a possible Wii U release.

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