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Fans of the beloved classic, Super Mario 64, have begun working on an HD remake set to be released on PC.



This is a non profit project and will be featuring multiplayer!

We haven’t decided completely [on whether multiplayer will be co-op], and to be honest, I think it is something that we will push for a later time,” developer Marcus Richter tells IGN. “Right now we are focusing on getting the single-player aspect working perfectly.”

The remake’s community manager, Justin Crouch, stated there is no estimated time of release. Although this is a non-profit endeavor, it has plenty of contributors, meaning we may actually see this game in a relatively timely matter.

I usually don’t get too excited over fan-made projects of triple A IPs, but this one looks really cool and multiplayer only adds to my excitement.

What do you think of this fan-made remake?

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  1. Cray Cray Gam3r says:

    Whoa this is soo day 1

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