Hideo Kojima: Ask Him Anything Highlights

Yesterday, Hideo Kojima had a live twitter feed of questions from the fans and his response to them. On the major topics discussed, we have learned a lot about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain.

We now know thanks to a fan asked question, that the Phantom Pain will not have multiple endings, like MGS1 did, where depending on your choice of action, Snake would be with Meryl or Otacon at the end. Mr. Kojima replied saying that even though players will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to going through the story of the game, the ending will be the same. This serves the purpose of staying on track with the overall story of the game leading up to when Big Boss goes “bad” and the introduction of Solid Snake, and this was also confirmed by Kojima as well.

Kojima also confirmed that Ground Zereos would not be visited in the release of the Phantom Pain, and briefly mentioned that he plans to do something with the Phantom Pain that the gaming industry has never done before, but to what he means by that, we don’t know.

We also know that Kojima has interest in remaking the original Metal Gear games for the MSX, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, using the FOX engine and would be able to clarify what events happened in the timeline of Metal Gear between the two original games. But with the Phantom Pain underway and the entire Kojima team working on that, he does not have the man power to start production for the remake of the original games at the moment.

When a fan asked to know more about MGO, or Metal Gear Online, Kojima said that when the Phantom Pain comes closer to launch, there will be more to be revealed about that, but that himself and his team are not working on that, but their team in the United States, along with the original Kojima team that made the first MGO.

Another fan asked about whether Snake would be making an appearance in the next Super Smash Bros game. Kojima replied saying he would like to have Snake back for the game, it is not likely since the creator of Super Smash Bros has not confronted him about this yet, but if it were up to him, he would have Solid Snake back in it for the next game.

And finally, when a fan asked whether there will be more downloadable content for Ground Zereos in the wait for the release for Phantom Pain, Kojima said there will not be, knowing that it would just delay the release of the Phantom Pain even more and decided against that. And also it could be a strong, or even “SOLID” possibility that MGSV: the Phantom Pain will be available early 2015 according to a leaked image on the Metal Gear Solid web page, but has already been reedited and removed the “early 2015” release date, so who knows.





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