Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami

On October 9, legendary Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima finally left Konami with “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye”. Over a hundred Konami employees attended the farewell, but it was lacking both Konami’s CEO and its current president. Also, Kojima has to wait until December until he can begin working on any new projects due to a contractual agreement. Former Konami employee Tak Fuji gave some insight into why so many great developers have been leaving the publisher.

I saw many colleagues unwillingly reassigned. Most of them blamed everyone but themselves. But they were not willing to adapt. They were waiting for the golden days to return. All they had left were legendary stories of their products, which are no longer relevant for either the technology or the market”- Tak Fuji

It is sad that Kojima finally had to leave, but with Konami’s terrible decisions on every front, I think that it’s better for him and the gaming industry as a whole. Hopefully he’ll be able to join with a new, higher quality publisher to start working on a wonderful new project. Metal Gear Solid V is a somber, but fantastic goodbye to Kojima’s series. Most of all, let’s hope that Konami doesn’t try to make another Metal Gear without him. Konami should stick to pachinko machines and slowly die off into obscurity.

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