How PC Gaming is Influenced by Console Gaming

We all know PC’s are superior than Consoles in terms of specs and technology. Even with Next-Gen Consoles coming in with updated specs, there are happy PC owners that can truly brag about their powerhouse systems having one up on these new Consoles. Even then Personal Computers can’t help but lag behind the competition. We can praise gaming PC’s on their hardware but what does it really do in terms of Gaming?

The answer is simple. It does exactly what the Competition is doing. I say this because Consoles influence PC Gaming and in a big way. Lets say you had a monster PC, and when I say monster I mean fill your PC with Specs you really do not need. The reason why I say you don’t need it is because there isn’t a single game in the world I’ve seen that uses more than 3 gigs of ram and then you see folks building PC’s they use “strictly” for Gaming and fill it with 32 gigs of ram. Even if you spend 1,500 bucks on a new PC built for Gaming, that system won’t do more to games that isn’t already happening on 400 dollar consoles. The reason is this, aside from having better Anti-Aliasing, Shading, Processing, ETC. PC’s when it comes to gaming, even right now are doing the exact same things Consoles are. What Developers do with their Games on PC is allow those Games to have better Anti-Aliasing, and Shading. Aside from that you are getting the exact same game you are on Console.

Even with a 1,500 dollar PC, you just are not seeing the kinds of graphics they are displaying on these new Consoles because Developers will not make a game for PS3, and XBOX 360 and then go off and completely BLOW the lid off of PC Gaming with the MOST amazing Next-Gen graphics. They wait till the Next-Generation of consoles come out and then slightly alter the graphics on PC, simply because it is easier that way. The truth is PC Gaming is not getting Genre Defining Exclusives on it’s Platform. If us PC gamers did get those kinds of Developers that TRULY wanted to take advantage of our Platform in a way that could potentially make Consoles lag behind, then we could go off and spend 1,500 dollars on a Gaming PC because only then would the Extra Specs make a difference. The Technology is there to create Titles with Mind-Blowing Graphics, with Mind-Blowing Scale, and with Mind-Blowing Physics but we don’t have a Developer that want’s to take advantage of that Technology. It’s not happening now but someday a group of people will do just that, and that is when the Tides will turn and PC Gaming will be influencing Console Gaming and not the other way around.

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