How Nintendo’s E3 Could Have Been Better

Despite E3 being several months over, the announcement of Pikmin 4 being “very close to completion” has left me confused. It isn’t the first time I have felt this way since E3. I felt the same way after the announcement of Pokken Tournament being released globally on Wii U as well as several others as I look in hindsight. Some great announcements have been made by Nintendo both before and after E3. Why weren’t they utilized better? Below I have a list of announcements made before and after E3 that I believe could have been better utilized in Nintendo’s Digital Event.

  • Pikmin 4
  • Pokken Tournament on Wii U
  • (America) New (Normal Sized) 3DS with Happy Home Designer bundle
  • (Europe) Fatal Frame/Project Zero Limited Edition
  • Fatal Frame/Project Zero localization announcement
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
  • The E3 Fatal Frame trailer that was released only on YouTube
  • Earthbound Beginnings
  • Everything in the SSB pre-E3 Direct
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Limited (EU)/Special (US) Edition bundle

Even if Nintendo used half of this list in their Digital Event, I believe Nintendo’s Digital Event would have been received far more positively by fans and critics. The very fact that nothing in this list was utilized for the Digital Event is mind-boggling to me.

Please note that this list is only composed of information that Nintendo has shown off and/or announced either before or after the Nintendo Digital Event that could have been included in the Digital Event. You may notice a small variety of them were announced at Gamescom, however, I firmly believe that Gamescom is more about journalists and fans attending the event, demoing games, and getting hands on information and interviews from publishers and developers. While E3 may also be very well known with that, everyone looks to E3 press conferences for the huge announcements and hype. Gamescom isn’t as well known for big announcements, but rather a bulk of small announcements.

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