How Xbox One’s “Old” Policies are Actually in Effect Today

“Wow Reeeaaally!?” Thats what a lot of people were thinking after Microsoft’s reveal for the Xbox One back in May of this year. They also released all the cool new restrictions that would come with the console you’ll be spending $500 dollars for. The fact that you would be paying $60 dollars for a game, in agreement that you have NO ownership over the game itself, but rather license that copy for one specific purpose, installing and then playing the game on your Xbox One. Microsoft was really playing ball, and  expected the community to play their game, but could you blame them?

The policies on DRM, used games, kinect, connectivity, and so on and so fourth really up-roared not just the gaming community, but the entire world-wide web it seemed like, to the point where politicians were even expressing their opinions on the matter. Microsoft was really in for it, and they’re still paying for it, but they were as surprised as we were about the whole situation. What I mean by that is the fact that it seems like, as a society, we tend to roll over very easily and let whoever in power make the decision and just let it go, just so we can get back to what we were doing that was more interesting. For years now, we, as consumers have been putting up with very similar policies such as Microsoft’s for the Xbox One…they’re called bills. Really…think about it, you pay anything from $30 dollars to $300 dollars for a cell phone thats supposed to be your phone now, you own it right? Not exactly, you pay a monthly fee, subscription, bill, and the many other words that mean all the very same thing, corruption. More money for the rich and powerful and less money for you, becoming poor and of very insignificance, just for the fact that you have no more money to be considered significant. 

Today we pay a heavy sum of money for technology that requires MORE money to make it even operational, such as cell phones (as stated above), televisions, Xbox Live, online passes, downloadable content, bigger hard-drives and memory,gas for cars, property rights to a house, you could literally just keep going on and on, it seems to be just about everything! Isn’t that what Microsoft was really doing, and have been since the 360, possibly even the first Xbox…you want to play multiplayer on your brand new $300 console using the internet you pay for (monthly), well first, you’ll need to pay us to use your internet to connect with our servers…happy spending, love, Microsoft!

The point I’m trying to make with this is the policies Microsoft was trying to implement are maybe new to the gaming industry, but they’ve been around since the concept of money was conceived basically. And look what money did to make Microsoft change its policies, for every eight consoles or however number pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, two were being pre-ordered for the Xbox One. It was clear Microsoft would not win, not even come close if they stayed with their new policies for the Xbox. Then Microsoft posted an article on the Xbox website, saying something like “Your Feedback Matters.” If our feedback actually mattered, Microsoft would have dropped all these new implementations for the Xbox One a few days after they were announced, its our money that matters and Microsoft wasn’t getting enough of it…so they came up with a new strategy, actually, an older one, to win back some of that money and tell youyour feedback matters Jimmy!

 This ordeal is amazing and I’m grateful to Microsoft for failing miserably  at trying to implement these policies and to the entire world that decided “Hey I’m not putting up with this bull, I wont buy Xbox One.” Now that might sound crazy, but…look what we were able to accomplish, look at who really has the power, the masses, not the companies that try to make us think they control us, we actually control what they do, not necessarily through out feedback of opinion, because we know how far that works out for us, politically, but our money is what rules them to do what they do best, putting money and profit before the customer and we used that very ploy to get what WE wanted. Now if that doesn’t make sense, “As above, So below.” The ploy, putting profit ahead of what the customer wants, actually enables the customer wants to affect the profits.

If the community was able to bring Microsoft to its knees by not giving them our money, not giving into what would screw us over and make them and every other company associated with them even more money, then we can do it again…and again. I strongly believe that and you should too, because we just did it at its most extreme form. Maybe, just maybe, this will spark something so great, that would change the world we live in, or maybe thats just in my head and a great big fantasy, but how awesome would it be that companies were runned and operated by people that actually cared for the people who would use their products, and money wasn’t the desire that drove them to what they were doing, but rather, the desire to help mankind in whatever way, such as a simpler lifestyle. A world without money sounds almost as good as Heaven…a world without money, is a world without debt

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4 thoughts on “How Xbox One’s “Old” Policies are Actually in Effect Today

  1. spot on,we should do that against aslo FDA THE GOVERMENT etc etc WE HAVE THE POWER!!!!!

    • Thank you sir! 🙂

  2. I thought there was no hope for this generation, I’m glad I was wrong.

  3. k

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