Kaz Harai Leaves Sony: “I’ve Seen the Titanic, I Know Where This is Going.”

In a truly astonishing turn of events, President and CEO of Sony Kaz Harai has officially announced today his resignation. The soon-to-be ex-CEO who seemed very adamant about turning the business around is giving up hope. GaminRealm managed to get into contact with Harai and he gave us some insight on his startling decision to leave the company.

“I just can’t do it anymore,” says Harai. “It’s agonizing to wake up everyday and try to revitalize something that I know is ready croak any second now. The iceberg is already hit, and there’s too many hull breaches. Jack and Rose are already in the water.  Tretton had the right idea. Bob the Builder and Fix-It Felix couldn’t save us now.”

While this is no doubt a shocking occasion, it seems reasonable considering the financial troubles that has been experiencing for the last decade.

Even more surprising, the Sony President plans to actually join Satoru Iwata at Nintendo.

“They have much deeper pockets than us; why not join the winning team?”, Harai said very casually. “Over at Nintendo, I don’t have to crush people’s hopes, dreams, and families by firing them. Currently, my hands are built to destroy. I’m tired of selling buildings. With Nintendo, I can build them. With Iwata, I can finally experience what it feels like to actually hire someone, bringing “good feels” to people around the globe. What Cammy had said back on the E3 2008 stage is correct: Nintendo is about bringing more smiles, to more faces.”

Kaz also expressed his excitement to work on an actually successful handheld for once, and stated that he’s very anxious to work in Nintendo’s handheld market.

We reached out to Sony’s PR to get a comment on this whole matter, but they have declined to make a statement. As far as who’s going to be placing Harai, no insight was offered from Sony, but Kaz did give us a statement of his own:

“Good luck to the next guy.”

Truly, this is a shocking day for the industry and Playstation fans everywhere. Leave us your thoughts down below.

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21 thoughts on “Kaz Harai Leaves Sony: “I’ve Seen the Titanic, I Know Where This is Going.”

  1. Dylan Sanders says:

    Dang, ya actually got me for a second. I was really confused, but then I remembered what day it was

  2. It’s actually worse than the Titanic. $0N¥ is a pauperbrand dying the slowest death of any company. GFY paupers!

  3. PlayerForever says:

    eheheheh, good joke, good joke, ehehe!

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