Konami Gives More Specifics on How Transferring Data Between MGSV: Ground Zeroes to The Phantom Pain Will Work

Want to transfer your data from your Xbox 360 copy of MGS V: Ground Zeroes to your brand new copy of The Phantom Pain on your shiny, new PS4? Sadly, you’re out of luck, but thankfully Konami has given us a useful chart to see how these transfers will work.


It seems that generally your Ground Zeroes data will only transfer to and from platforms of the same publisher. Also, if you own a physical copy of Ground Zeroes, you’ll have to make sure you have that copy handy to do the transfer. The transfer will get you:

  •  Big Boss’ Sneaking Suit seen in Ground Zeroes
  • Extra recruits for the Mother Base, plus all POW’s you rescued while playing Ground Zeroes
  • Possibly a revisit to Camp Omega, the open world location of Ground Zeroes, for a mission in The Phantom Pain

People didn’t like how short Ground Zeroes was, but I do think that it was a very enjoyable experience that shows us how amazing The Phantom Pain will very likely be. I’m incredibly excited to experience the return of Big Boss this September.

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