Last Gen Sales Don’t Mean a Thing

I recently read an article on N4G titled Four Reasons Why Xbox One, Not PS4, Will Win over the masses, and I have got to say. There is absolutely no truth to this article, and while the numbers he is providing are accurate, they do not mean a single thing this console race. In fact we could all actually lean more towards the PlayStation 4, forget the fact that Sony screwed up with the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 had the upper hand with multi-plat games last gen but does that mean anything next-gen?

What makes a great console? Sales? No. Even though the Xbox 360 only holds the crown in game sales and over-all console sales, but why? Well first of all the Xbox came out 1 year earlier than the Play Station 3, after the PS3’s release it has actually sold more every year than the Xbox did. But again, sales does not make a great console. What makes a great console is Exclusive, because ultimately that is the only thing that makes a console stand out. Sure players spend a lot of their time on multi-plat games but you can’t brag about a multi-plat. Simply because it can be played on the competitors console.

The article worships the Xbox with its sales, multi-plat advantages, and media advantages. These are not advantages at all, why? Because old numbers and statistics do not reflect on newer consoles. The article goes on the say that because the Xbox 360 was the to go spot for multi-plat games because of its easier system architecture so will the Xbox One be. Not only is it old news that the PlayStation 4 is more developer friendly but a multitude of developers have admitted that they prefer to develop on the Play Station 4, and there must be a reason for that. I think we can safely say, the Play Station 4 will gain the upper hand there next-gen.

Also while we are all rolling around in numbers lets also check out the number of people that use Sony’s PlayStation 3 as a dedicated media console, Netflix is most watch on a Play Station 3. Don’t believe it? Netflix announced today that the gaming console is its “largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing.” And, via a press release, CEO Reed Hastings says that “this year, at times,” the PS3 was delivering more hours of video to subscribers than regular computers, “to become our No. 1 platform overall.” Yes, so lets trump this idea that the Xbox One will be the to go spot for all your media entertainment, sure Sony placed more emphasis on the games but that is only because.. hmmm… lets see.. Oh YES. It is a gaming console first and for most. While they did talk about its media entertainment parts, that is something that gamer’s do not want companies focusing their time on.

Let us also take a look at the numbers that say the Play Station 3 has been the platform to better quality games. What’s the source to this? Meta Critic, take all PS3 games and all Xbox 360 games and average out their scores. The Xbox gets a 68.9% rating, average the PS3’s score and you get a 69.5% rating. What that means is the PlayStation 3 takes the gold on the amount of quality games it has been the home to. With games like The Last of Us and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that is really no surprise at all. But what do great games mean? I mean, it is all about the sales right? All about those numbers, you can’t go wrong with numbers.

Let us also look at who wrote the article on N4G, Derrick Wlodarz. I don’t have anything against the guy because simply I don’t know him but the guy specializes in advertising and turning consumers on Microsoft products, so it comes as no surprise that he will obviously promote the console as the better choice. What gets me the most is the fact that he is basically saying the Xbox One is taking next-gen because the Xbox 360 took last. If that where true than the PlayStation 3 should have taken last-gen because the PlayStation 2 took the one before last. I’m going to end the article by saying that both console are great consoles, both providing strong technology that can produce amazing games, and both providing great media platforms. At the end of the day the choice is yours, the consumer. Choose the console that is right for you and don’t take misleading articles to heart.


N4G Article:


EDIT: Apparently PlayStation 3 is in the lead now. Great job.

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6 thoughts on “Last Gen Sales Don’t Mean a Thing

  1. That guy is clearly a Microsoft shill. You covered most of what’s wrong with the article. One thing he mentioned is funny about MSFT’s specious thinking about multimedia hubs. Saying that 30% of people only use consoles as a gaming device only means that XBone has the advantage since they’re focusing more on multimedia (or at least as much) than gaming, obviously because of the royalties and ads they earn with those. He concludes that Sony is in a worse position because they focus on the niche gaming audience, by positioning themselves as the gamer’s console.

    We’ll see how the numbers pan out and if their appeal to non-gamers resonates with the broad base they’re targeting. But to your premise, that’s not what makes a great console, and as a real gamer it’s representative of what alienates me from Microsoft’s approach to next gen.

    • yeah, the stats that the dude posted in his article about 40% of all 360 usage is for media like netflix was actually wrong compared to the stats that came out a short time ago, that number was actually closer to 65% of its usage being media… obviously people bought their 360s and ran out of games to play on it, whereas ps3 toted a higher percentage rate of actual gaming on their console, combined w/ the ps3 being the number one streaming source of netflix means that people who have bought ps3s have simply used them more than 360 owners used their box, for multimedia, for streaming, for games, all of it….as long as these stats are true, the proof is all right there, the ps3 was the better system in terms of quality and variety, 360 just tricked a higher number or people to buy one to collect dust in their cabinet….also it’s hard to ignore the amount of people who had to re buy their 360s due to rrod malfunctions, w/o which we would be looking at a very different set of numbers in terms of console sales

  2. that price point is going to hit xbox one hard.

  3. Yi

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