Leap Motion Controller Review

I wrote an article a while ago talking about a revolutionary new gadget called The Leap Motion Controller. I have gotten my hands on it and this is my review.

First of all, as you can see on the featured image the actual device is small. Very very small. The size of two fingers to be exact. The design is flawless and smooth, stylish but not too fancy.

In the box the controller itself is accompanied by two usb cords, 1 small and 1 long cord. It also comes with a welcome sheet of paper. No disc but that’s no surprise, the setup took me literally 5 minutes, from the software download, to the driver, creating an account for the app store, and even downloading the starting apps was really fast. The process of setting it up was better than I expected it to be.

The biggest question is whether it lived up to our expectations, or at least my expectations. I don’t think there was anyone more excited for this thing than I was. I first have to get the bad out of the way.

The Bad

2 issues with it that need to be fixed asap. Otherwise the Controller wont be viable for many people.

1. Two point touch is very iffy. While it is effortless sometimes, most of the time its hard to use. Being able to use it on the browser to zoom in is something that I really wanted. It isn’t too big of a deal but it really needs to be fixed.

2. It needs better accuracy and detection in-terms of multi-touch. It sort of ties in to the first problem but at the same time its something different. When using the orientation app, it works perfect with 2 fingers on the piece where you fingers and hand shows up. On the other hand when using more than two fingers, for example, all five fingers on one hand it has trouble reading all of them when one goes under your hand.

The Good

Everything else, those are two nit picky things that bug me to a certain degree. The Leap Motion Controller as a whole is extremely accurate and all in all it does what its advertised to do. The controller is only a gateway to what will come in the future.


Three Important Contents of the Box

It serves as a play tool right now. Basically a nice fun toy. Yes its a cool tool for play, and getting around your computer but it isn’t perfect.

Perfection is what I was looking for, I knew it was kind of far fetched being as its the first in its kind and I love that Leap Motion Inc. took the opportunity to be the first to do this. Like I said on my first article talking about this gadget. Technology like this will find its way into everyday tools, TV’s, game consoles, computers, washing machines, basically everything.

When it takes off Leap Motion Inc. will be considered pioneers in the field of motion sensing.

The App Store

It features a wide range of apps. Most are paid apps but the free ones are freaking amazing. Apps like touch-less for Windows, and app that allows you to use your computer with your hands and only your hands. Other than the two point touch to zoom in with a browser problem, everything else is pretty accurate and flawless. I also love how they enabled the ability to select something using only your fingers. Hold your finger back to glide across the screen, press it forward over the sensor to press something on the screen or move across the Windows 8 Start Screen doing this.


Showing the Physical Size of the Sensor

Overall Thoughts

I expected more in-terms of multi-touch accuracy but I know I asked for too much. The sensor is over-all satisfyingly accurate, the free apps are pretty cray cray and fun to use and play around with. I recommend this to anyone that wants an extra addition to their toy box.

80 Dollar Price Point

The Sensor is 80 bucks and extremely well priced. Lets put this into context, if apple made this sensor they would price it at 129.99 easily. Slap a Microsoft logo on it and it would be about 100 bucks. Leap Motion chose a great price for this innovative gadget and it is well worth the price.

Buy this thing. You won’t regret it. BUY IT!

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