Legend of The Tetrarchs Comes to Switch on June 6th

A stunningly new and fresh RPG will arrive to everyone’s E-Shop browser called Legend of the Tetrarchs on June 6th. This turn-based retro styled game is made by Exe Create Inc. and Kemco Games. Below is a trailer of some scenes and game play of what’s to come when you decide to pick this title as your next RPG to complete.

This title brings back memories of the Super Nintendo era of RPGs, like Chrono Trigger, this game delivers great soundtracks with various character and monster sprites.

Image result for Legend of the tetrarchs


What do you think about Legend of the Tetrarchs? Will this game become the next in line of RPGs that you’ve completed or will you wait on this game? Talk about it with us below in the comments

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Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/fantasy_rpg_legend_of_the_tetrarchs_brings_turn-based_battling_to_switch_next_week


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