Lenovo Yoga 11s Review

Lenovo has been a long time dealer to businesses, providing excellent hardware and software, Lenovo has been one of the most reliable PC Manufacturers for years now. It comes to no surprise that they hit the mark once again. The Lenovo Yoga is the perfect machine for people looking for something portable.

The Specifications:

CPU: I5 3rd GEN CPU – Clock Speed 1.5ghz with Turbo Boost up to 2.0ghz


HDD: It’s a Solid State with 128 GB of space.

Screen: 11.6 inch screen with 10 capacity multi-touch and IPS Technology

Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Integrated Chip

The laptop also has a built-in Bluetooth adapter.

Did I mention it’s an Ultrabook? Well it is. What does that mean? Ultrabooks are designed for speed and prolonged battery life. In its laptop state it will average about 3 hours 45 minutes but in its tablet state it averages about 7 hours which is a lot. With things like a solid state drive the laptops speed is nearly tripled, no moving parts and the risk of mechanical failures is gone.

What Is a Solid State Drive?

First lets look at how a mechanical hard drive works. It is always playing a giant record, so if you move the laptop your speed drops. If you drop the laptop you have a pretty good chance of destroying the drive. A solid state gets rid of these problems. On top of that it takes your boot up time from lets say, 25-30 seconds down to an amazing 4-7 seconds. We can all really use that boost of speed. The only downside is your basically choosing speed over storage, but that’s not all bad because the laptop isn’t built gaming and games are usually what take up so much space. The average person doesn’t use more than 300gb of storage, and for those that need more, an external drive and/or USB flash drive can give that extra space you need. Especially since externals and flash drives are becoming really cheap today.

Let compare laptops, lets say you have a gaming laptop with an i7 processor clocked in at about 3.2ghz, 8 gb of ram, a 2gb dedicated card, and a 1tb hard drive. Yes for gaming those specs blow the yoga out of the water, but because of the solid state drive the overall experience on the laptop is faster and smoother. A mechanical drive is the slowest component of a computer, no matter the processor.

A Laptop That Flips Into a Tablet?

A lot of people wonder what the point is of having a laptop that flips into a tablet. Let us put this in perspective, around 79% of all PC owners have a tablet on the side. A tablet they use for traveling and using it on the go. The point is to bring your Personal Computer with you. Allowing you to flip into a tablet is everything, I’ve been with this thing for two days now and already I can’t see my self without the ability to flip into tablet. Along with that Windows 8 is designed for touchscreen and there are many beautiful things you can do with this.

What The OS Offers

We where all used to Windows XP and 7. In-fact those two operating systems are the biggest competitors to Windows 8. There is a certain level of personalization you got with recent OS’s, and that stopped with changing your background. With Windows 8 you can do that plus with the new Start Screen you can bring what is most important to you right there. You can have your email update live right in-front of you, receive messages from multiple social networks in one place, and you can even see all the latest news and updates that’s most important to you right to your main PC screen.

Lets say you are on a website and found the coolest picture of the eagle nebula and you want to send it to your friend. On any other operating system you would have to copy the URL, go to Hotmail or whatever email provider you use, sign in, find your friends email, attach, then hit send. With Windows 8 all you have to do is bring up your charms, hit the share charm and bam. You are ready to send that  URL to all your friends and even the Social Network website you use. It will automatically set a Subject line based on the title of the article you are reading or even picture you are looking at. You can change the subject line as you please but the point is, sharing is easier and faster on Windows 8.

Windows 8 is built to fit who you are. Change your Start Screen tiles, move them around, change their size, etc. With Windows 8.1 a new update to Windows 8 personalization will be able to reach even a higher level of who you are.

What It Means To Have Multiple Windows 8 PC’s

Every time you buy a new PC you have to change the way it looks to fit your personality. With Windows 8 any new computer you purchase, as long as you log into your Microsoft account your settings, apps, and wallpapers will be transferred to your new PC. This feature is so powerful if you broke your PC all your data can also be saved using Sky Drive. What is all even crazier is if you logged into a new PC using your Microsoft account your cursor will be found in the same spot you left it on your PC at home or on a buddies computer.

The Yoga Design

It is designed for speed we know that. It is also very slim and the transition from laptop to tablet is fast and effortless, so you don’t look strange doing the transition. The laptop is also very light weight. Making it feel natural when you have it flipped in tablet form. The material used is also light and feels very natural to touch. It doesn’t feel metal nor plastic, instead it feels like a mix between rubber and metal allowing the laptop an extra level of durability for those hard to avoid drops.

Is It Worth the $799 Price?

Yes, I can’t stress how ideal this gadget is for business owners, writers, tech enthusiasts, students, and even for people that just need a PC. It is fast, slim, light weight, and stylish. It is the perfect portable laptop/tablet. I only came across one problem, but it was fixed when I updated the firmware, so I won’t bring it to light or even focus on it. I will say the keyboard in your hands feels weird when flipped in tablet form, but It is disabled so it’s something that doesn’t really require much attention and shouldn’t stop anyone from buying it.

All in all this is a great choice for just about anyone but gamers, if you want something small, powerful, and portable this is the perfect choice.

The $799 price point comes because of the SSD, once they become cheaper so will computers like this. It’s still worth the price, I simply love this thing.



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