Little Town Hero Trademark Has Been Established By Game Freak


The title has possibly been finalized for the IP that Game Freak has been working on at the same time as Pokemon Sword and Shield. Originally a working title known as “Town”, it is common knowledge to many long time fans of the team’s work of the core Pokemon titles, and the industry that the team was dividing and conquering both projects to have both titles completed. Whether or not that Little Town Hero becomes a success will be left up to interpretation still. A large amount of fans have lashed out at The Pokemon Company earlier this year at the Pokemon Treehouse event when the news was released that many Pokemon that fans know and loved, would not make the new region’s Pokedex. This information by far, will potentially harm the sales and value of Little Town Hero.

According to Nintendo Soup, Game Freak applied for the RPG’s name to become Little Town Hero in Japan on August 13th, 2019. As mentioned before it was originally known as Town, however, the team is more than likely going to finalize the name as the one that is trademarked. Scheduled to release at some time in 2019, Little Town Hero is about players having to protect a village from invasion from large monsters and destruction. Because this game is receiving criticism as to why their biggest IP and franchise in Pokemon, is not looking as great as anticipated, I can imagine this title will have some barriers. I’m really excited to see what this game could offer in terms of a new fresh outlook from a company that primarily dealt with one huge franchise for almost 25 years now. I hope both games turn out well and deliver great revenue for the company.

What are your thoughts about Little Town Hero and the future of Game Freak’s development schedule? Do you plan to purchase Little Town Hero and Pokemon Sword and Shield on their release days? Let us hear your thoughts below.

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Source: Nintendo Soup

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