Mario Kart 8 Comes to NASCAR

In promotion of Mario Kart 8, NASCAR racer, Matt Kenseth will feature Mario on his No. 20 car.

Kenseth will be racing with this Mario car during the Nationwide Series History 300 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Nintendo will also be having Mario Kart 8 kiosks at the venue with mascots, Mario and Luigi.

This is a serious promotional step up for Nintendo compared to what they’ve been doing lately. The game was going to move units for the Wii U already, but now they’re really making an event of it. They’ve done this in the past, but it’s important that they push the issue this time around. Normally, I would say that most of the NASCAR audience wouldn’t really care about a Nintendo game, but let’s be honest, everyone loves Mario Kart. This is definitely going to bring some attention to the Wii U.

You can see them attaching the Mario Kart promo on the race car here

Mario Kart 8 is releasing for the Wii U in just a few days, on May 30.

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