Marvel’s Avengers Personalities Will Change During Course Of Game

The story in Marvel’s Avengers will incorporate a five year time jump according to VentureBeat. The excerpt is below:

As seen in the game’s first trailer, a celebration of the Avengers’ heroics turns ugly when an experimental energy source explodes on their helicarrier. The blast appear to kill Captain America, and also takes out most of San Francisco as well. Half a decade later, the disbanded team still hasn’t fully come to grips with what happened.

“It’s all about the conflict, right?”said Escayg. “What happened on A-Day? Who was at fault? Widow was in charge of the bridge. Did she fail? Should we have gone back and helped Cap? These are the human things that we wrestle with as well, and that’s what grounds this and makes this different from any other Avengers story.”

Iron Mans File

So we will get to see how the loss of Captain America impacts our heroes, alongside with costume changes/upgrades along the course of the game. We previously saw Iron Mans Mk 39 armor (Deep Space Suit) in the trailer which alluded to suit changes for Iron Man but it is nice to know the trend will continue with all the main characters.

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