Mega Man Battle Network Series Headed To Wii U via GBA Virtual Console

Nintendo is said to be rolling out their GBA virtual console line up, first with their popular first party games such as Golden Sun and Advance Wars, now they have its third party support through Capcom with one of the greatest Mega Man games ever made in Mega Man Battle Network 3. Confirmed via Australian classification board, Capcom’s portable franchise will grace the Wii U only. No word on when it’s released.


Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue and Mega Man Battle Network 3 White. If you don’t remember, Capcom use to ship off two versions of the game with minor differences in each version in the same way, Nintendo does with Pokémon. If you ask me, it would’ve made more sense for them to release the first 2 Battle Network games to play instead, but seeing as though Capcom went for the best in the series, it’s no big deal.

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