Michael Pachter Lashes Out on Twitter

Analyst Michael Pachter calls a Twitter gamer a “dumbass” and a “waste of breathe”.

A Twitter user by the name of “LeveledHeadGamer” was conversating with Michael Pachter and another Twitter user, stating that Microsoft has been going around the web actually paying users on sites such as Reddit and NeoGAF to say good things about the Xbox One (obviously to counter-act the negativity surrounded the newly announced system.) You can view the source of his claims here. LeveledHead was met with some pretty harsh back-lash, especially from Mr. Pachter:

michael pachter

Michael Pachter uncensored. Yikes.

Rather strong language and unprofessional , wouldn’t you say? Do you feel that as a man of his stature in the gaming industry, he should strive to keep things a tab bit more professional? Or can the man speak however he wants to? After all, he is human just like the rest of us.

Let us know what you guys think down below.

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One thought on “Michael Pachter Lashes Out on Twitter

  1. OHHHH EXPOSED!!!!!!

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