Microsoft 2016 E3 Briefing Afterthoughts

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Attention Please

My mind was officially blown at the ending of the Microsoft E3 briefing today. Not only were we informed of the many great titles to expect this year and the next; we were informed of the presence of Project Scorpio. Everything that I have been saying about this new project, since before last December 2015, has been correct. I speculated then about the origins of Project Scorpio before it even had a name. I presided that AMD had already informed both parties, Microsoft and Sony about the new more powerful chip-sets that would be created and how their contract would put them in situations to either give us newer versions of the same system a few years into the next gen life cycle or hold off and release the newer tech at a later date, resulting in the catastrophe of hardware we now have, known as PS4 and Xbox One.

What The Industry Has Done Wrong

Simple fact is, the systems we have today, were available probably two years prior too us receiving them a little over 3 years ago. We should have already been 5 years into the PS4 and Xbox One cycle, but both companies held off on the tech because they wanted to get a few more good years out of milking the hardware and saving the millions of dollars they had already spent on games and their development with the Xbox 360 and PS3. It was so bad in fact, they had no plans of properly redeveloping games on a mass scale from the very start. They thought they only had to do simple port and polish for the older games to the next gen consoles and they found out it didn’t work so well, while we found out with our wallets.

What Microsoft Got Right

To be real and honest, Microsoft did a wonderful thing by letting everyone know that Project Scorpio will be an “addition” to the Xbox family. It will not be an Xbox 1.5 or anything related to the Xbox One or One S whatsoever. Scorpio will be a new system, forever gone is the 8-10 year wait to have newer system hardware in console gaming, and I say good-ridden. Not only will Microsoft give developers essentially over a year to jump start their new developments, it give Scorpio a real chance to give us gamers and fans of Xbox what we truly desired the Xbox One to be; a real next gen gaming console. With the slew of amazing games shown, Gears 4 is my most anticipated. The demo looked great and I can’t wait to see the rest of the titles show their poker faces.

Check out the full video below where I go more in depth with the E3 briefing with my Afterthoughts.

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