Microsoft Ad: Students fail if they use an iPad

This is one of the first straight to the point ads I have seen in a while. An ad that directly attacks another competitor, in this case Apple. I do see why Microsoft has made this ad, well of course like any company they want you to purchase their product over the other. There is only one problem with that, this isn’t an ad supporting their Windows Surface tablets. This is an ad supporting the Lenovo Yoga, of course what they are promoting is their OS and their Office Suite. The real question is why promote Lenovo over their own Surface PC?

Well promoting their own device would be much too selfish, and they know that. Making an Ad promoting their own PC wouldn’t really help them. What they are trying to say is that using their OS is a better bet for school, and of course it is. The reason why the are emphasizing their own OS is because every PC comes preloaded with it, so they make more money off of their OS than they do off their own computer. I do agree with the choice of device, and it kind of made sense to me. As I’m writing this article I am writing it on a Lenovo Yoga, it is a laptop that flips into a tablet (check out my review here).

Ok so lets say you wanted the newest 4th gen iPad, that’s $499 for the 16gb model, $599 for the 32gb model, $699 for the 64gb model, and $799 for the 128gb model. The Yoga is also $799 with a 128gb solid state drive. Above all though the Yoga comes preloaded with Windows 8, that means apart from the ability to download apps you have a full PC at your disposal. The iPad is just a tablet, so you are limited in what you are doing, limited by just apps. While its nice having over 700,000 apps in the store, it doesn’t really give you the features to replace a PC. Check out the Ad below, posted in a link.

Yoga Vs iPad

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