Microsoft May Reward XBL Members for Good Behavior

During a GDC conference aimed at ID@Xbox developers, development lead Frank Savage has revealed that instead of only punishing members for bad behavior, Microsoft is looking into ways of rewarding the the good ones. Polygon got a chance to speak directly to Savage regarding the details of this reward system.

“If your reputation is “soaring because you’re this amazing player that everyone wants to be with,” Xbox Live’s reputation algorithm may recognize that and dole out unspecified rewards. It’s Microsoft’s way of saying, “Thanks for being such a good member of the community, here’s a reward,” Savage said. The reward system sounds different from Microsoft’s Xbox Community Level system, detailed last year, which recognizes actions from the existing Xbox Community Ambassadors initiative.”

Microsoft is pretty notorious for banning foul members of the Xbox Live community, so this is a nice switch-up from their usual ban-hammer  habbits. Savage didn’t state what exactly the rewards will be though, as the reputation system of Xbox Live is still being planned and ironed out.

If the rewards turn out to actually be substantial though, this could spell a huge 1-up for Xbox Live over PSN, especially since Sony’s online service is currently cornering it’s rival with it’s aggressive Plus service that offers gamers free, recent games.

What is your take on this? Is this the start of something huge, or will this reward system fall flat on it’s face? Let us know what you think down below.

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