Microsoft Trying to Win Back Indie Devs?

Has Microsoft been swayed by the backlash from indie developers?

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed via Twitter that Microsoft has actually dropped the fee that devs were required to pay in order to patch their games. This has taken effect for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade titles, and according to Nelson, this change actually took place way back in April. Which is odd, you’d think they’d want to announce great news like that and yet they waited.


Is Microsoft trying to turn into a good guy for a change?

This was a much needed move on their part, as pretty much the majority of indie devs out there are migrating more and more over to the Playstation systems and Nintendo’s indie-friendly Wii U eShop.

There is no word on whether or not this will affect Xbox One titles, but hopefully for our indie devs’ sake,  this means that Microsoft is loosening the grip that they have on their publishing policies. The inability to self-publish titles on the Marketplace are indie developers’ #1 gripe right now regarding the Xbox One, but at least this lightens the load on their wallets a bit.

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