Miiverse Redesign Coming on July 29

According to Nintendo, a brand new redesign will be coming to Miiverse on July 29. This redesign will affect all platforms with Miiverse functionality. Along with some general ease of use and navigation improvements, there will be some new restrictions when it comes to posting on Miiverse.

Sadly, users will no longer be able to post within their Activity Feed. However, it will still show posts from your friends and the users that you follow. There will also be a 30-post per day limit on all users (which includes regular posts and comments). All posts added to Miiverse before the overhaul will remain on the service.

Although the new restrictions are unfortunate in a way, I hope that these limitations on users will make Miiverse less ridden with spam and useless conversations not even about gaming. At least there are general layout improvements to look forward to. I can see why some Miiverse users are frustrated by this update, though.

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