Miyamoto Debuts Pikmin Short Films

At the Tokyo International Film Festival, Shigeru Miyamoto unveiled his first series of short films.

Pikmin Short Movie was announced last month and takes place in the same universe as Miyamoto’s game series. It consists of three parts: “The Night Juicer,” “Treasure in a Bottle” and “Occupational Hazards”. Production of these short films began around the same time development for Pikmin 3 started.

“I haven’t moved over,” Miyamoto tells Guardian in regards to switching mediums, “but as computer graphics have gotten better, I started to feel it was something I could get involved with. Making films in the past was something that was made with a completely different skillset but now I feel it’s rather similar.”

Apparently, Miyamoto has created 20-30 short films and they will be available on an upcoming app for the Nintendo 3DS. It is unknown if these films will be available outside of Japan.

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