Miyamoto States Nintendo No Longer Needs to Focus on Casuals

In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto claimed he no longer thinks Nintendo needs to focus on the non-gamer audience, and can now bring their attention back to the hardcore gamers.

“(These are) the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland,” he said. “Their attitude is, ‘OK, I am the customer. You are supposed to entertain me.’ It’s kind of a passive attitude they’re taking, and to me it’s kind of a pathetic thing. They do not know how interesting it is if you move one step further and try to challenge yourself.”

The Nintendo Wii was catered almost exclusively towards casual gamers and nearly alienated the hardcore gamers completely. It moved over 100 million units because of its wide audience of people who didn’t actually game in their daily lives. Now that mobile gaming has taken over the casual market, Nintendo no longer needs to spend so much time and effort on making games easy and accessible, and can now flip the script back to their roots to making more intriquite and challenging games for the core audience.

“In the days of DS and Wii, Nintendo tried its best to expand the gaming population,” Miyamoto stated. “Fortunately, because of the spread of smart devices, people take games for granted now. It’s a good thing for us, because we do not have to worry about making games something that are relevant to general people’s daily lives.”

Nintendo claimed that they were going to focus on the hardcore when the Wii U first launched, but this didn’t turn out to be completely true right away. Obviously they did not have their marketing strategy together at the time. Recently however, they’ve been giving a lot more love to the core gamers and true Nintendo fans. I think with the Wii U’s initial failure taught them a lot and it shows. For the last few years, I’ve been taking what Nintendo says with a grain of salt, but this time I’m very optimistic. We may finally get back the Nintendo we’ve missed for so long.

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