Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming To The West In Early 2015

Capcom today has announced that the update to the smash hit Monster Hunter 4 will hit the west early next year. To some of you though this won’t exactly be an update seeing as though the original Monster Hunter 4 never has and by the look of things never will come out to the west. The game is entitled Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. No new details about the game have been released but it will possibly go the way of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and be a slight update of the old game. For those of you that want to know the game will aslo come out to Japan under a different name: Monster Hunter 4G. As I wrote last year that Monster Hunter dragged Capcom out of their dangerous financial slump and it might repeat upon this game’s release.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be a 3DS exclusive.

The news is followed by a video from Capcom themselves.

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