Who is The Most Challenging Rival in Pokemon History?

After playing over twenty years of Pokemon, I’ve come to realize that a lot of what made Pokemon what it is today was and still is heavily influenced by what started it all — Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. In this article, I wanted to highlight who I feel was the most challenging and satisfying rival to beat. In beating this rival and grinding your team to the best possible levels, you get a sense of excitement when the last Pokemon on his team goes down.

Before I go into detail who I believe is the ultimate rival in the Pokemon games thus far, I want to give a few reasons to establish my criteria as to what makes a rival the best. A rival needs to be in a position of being your obstacle in the story. Without an urge to rid a character from my path, I tend to lose focus of the relevancy of his/her presence. In Pokemon Gold and Silver, those two titles were considered some of the best in the franchise. I can agree, in terms of the rival standpoint, his character was so multi-dimensional that just one play-through of the story wouldn’t catch the rivals true motives.

Another piece of insight in my eyes is that from the first Pokemon you receive from the lab, your rival begins with you. While displaying superb natural ability, it’s your mission to not only become the region’s champion, but to beat your rival one final time, no strings attached to see who’s worthy to take on the champion. Your rival has to have a different way of outlook apart from your own. An interesting end to a character’s arc to a story is when his or her motivations and ideals are not enough to get them to the next level. With that being said, I’ll reveal my greatest Pokemon series rival.

You probably could have guessed it to be no other than Pokemon trainer and former Pokemon League champion Blue. From day one of your journey, Blue or the raunchy named we called him as a kid, was always in the mindset to be better than you. He would impede your path everywhere you went, and even got inside your head. Avoiding him was not an option, you had to defeat him. I could understand the chip he carried on his shoulder, but it was my job to knock it off. The final battle with Blue took the wind out of his sails and brought him to the realization that his ideals might be the wrong way to look at raising your Pokemon and at life in general. When you can establish a connection that deep with a rival and it lasts over a decade, I feel that a character becomes iconic. but this is all just my opinion. Do you agree with my choice? Leave a comment below.

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