Naughty Dog Working on Two “Brand New Experiences”

In an interview with Edge, The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann stated that Naughty Dog is currently working on two “brand new experiences”.

He discussed his thoughts on remaking things, such as movies, in higher quality formats. He mentions that the remastering of The Last of Us is “akin looking at a DVD versus Blu-ray”, he said, “It’s not a totally brand-new experience, but when you’re seeing the film, the clarity of the image is much closer to how the director and the team initially saw it. There’s something nice about that. I think if there was nothing but remakes, that would be pretty sad for the console. Just like any system out there, any medium, it’s going to be a mixture.”

“We’re working on this re-release, but at the same time we’re working on two other brand-new experiences,”

“When Blu-ray came out, the first thing is you buy all these re-releases of movies that you’ve loved, and then you see Gravity and you can’t wait to see it on your Blu-ray. There’s always room for a mixture of old and new.”

Along with the Last of Us remake, Naughty Dog is also working on a new Uncharted installment for the PS4. I’m going to assume this is one of the “new experiences” he mentioned. I wonder what the other one could be. Is it a sequel for The Last of Us, another Jak and Daxter, or a new IP all together? Maybe if we’re really lucky, we can see Naughty Dog develop a Crash Bandicoot game again. A guy can dream.

I couldn’t agree with him more on his statement about things needing to be a mixture of old and new. I feel like these days, mediums of entertainment are all just remaking or rebooting something that already existed. It’s nice to see Naughty Dog making it a point to create something fresh.

What do you think this other “new experience” could be?

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