NES Remix 2 Secret Unlock Code

The producer of NES Remix 2, Hayashida, recently made a post on Miiverse stating that there is a secret code that will unlock all of the games you may not have unlocked.

The code is to be entered on the stage select screen and Hayashida offered the hint, “START TEST CLEAR”. If you want to try and figure it out you can, but the code has already been cracked and can be found on the original post. This is a really cool thing Nintendo did. It’s just like the old days when you would have to use pass codes and button configurations to get to certain levels or unlock additional content. Developers don’t really do that much anymore.

So, if you own NES Remix 2 and don’t feel like trying to unlock everything yourself, you can input the code and have all the content at your disposal. Some might say that this is a cop-out. While that may be true, it’s still better than a bunch of micro-transactions.

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