Ness Breaks GameStop’s Website, Wave 4 Completely Sold Out

GameStop experienced some serious issues with their online servers thanks to Nintendo’s little Eaglelander, Ness. Ness was obviously going to be one of the most difficult Amiibo to get, but Nintendo decided to make it even more difficult by releasing it as a GameStop exclusive. While the server went down for quite awhile, it still managed to sell out along with the rest of the wave 4.

Ness was the one Amiibo that I wanted to get and luckily I was able to preorder it at my GameStop. This Amiibo craze is getting more and more insane and we all witnessed it firsthand today. Fans were desperately trying to get their pre-orders in and GameStop employees were frantically trying to gain access to their network in order to carry out the transaction.

Nintendo is the only company that could  pull this off, to this extent.

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