Netflix on Net Neutrality

Netflix had a few words for the FCC’s net neutrality proposal. This proposal would allow internet providers to offer a “fast lane” to companies that could afford them. Netflix countered this outlandish concept. “No rules would be better than rules legalizing discrimination on the internet,” Netflix replied. They continued to argue that this change would be detrimental to the internet as we know it, and cause it to become more like cable television.

“The Internet is at a crossroads,”

“Down one road — a road defined by the commission’s failure to put in place meaningful open internet rules — is an internet that looks more like cable TV, one characterized by legalized discrimination, carriage disputes, gamesmanship, and content blackouts which harms consumers. Down another road is a scalable, more affordable, and open internet built on strong network neutrality rules and a policy of settlement-free interconnection to last mile ISP network.”

Netflix is trying to get the FCC to file net neutrality under Title II. Title II would allow it to enforce even stronger net neutrality regulations than it already can. The FCC is currently listening to open comments until Friday at midnight. So far, it has received over 780,000 comments. If you would like to express your opinion, go to and let them know what you think.


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