New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Shown

A special launch event was hosted in Burbank yesterday for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and during the event, special footage for Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown. Members of Kingdom Hearts Insider were there to provide coverage of the new gameplay shown:

-Sora is seen in his Kingdom Hearts II Valor form outfit, no new outfit reveal.
-Land of Departure from Birth by Sleep has been confirmed in the new footage and is said to be massive.
-Brand new Heartless designs have also been shown, described to look like “gladiators”.
-Textures for new Heartless are incomplete.
-Land of Departure has been revamped; main building now very closely resembles a tower seen in the Kingdom Hearts browser game χ[chi].
-Sora’s Keyblade is confirmed to transform into dual guns.
-Sora’s dual guns then transform into a cannon.
-Sora is seen in a library/study, facing a large window with curtains. What looks like chess pieces line the window ledge with crown and heart tops.
-The lighting for the game is incredibly beautiful. Sora is bathed in a soft glow while standing in front of the window.
-The footage is raw and very unlikely to be released online to the public soon.
– Huge applause for Birth by Sleep footage in the pre-show trailers!
– The letter “chi” was on a blackboard within the library/study in the KH3 footage
– The letters “CT” could be seen under the Land of Departure-looking world. Looks similar to LoD but possibly is not the world.
– Built on what looks like a hilly area with lots of homes and buildings on them.
– Valor Form and Wisdom Form were definitely the outfits Sora switched between

It seems like a lot of cool new information. I’m especially glad to see that drive forms appear to be making a return. One thing that stuck out to me was the fact that Land of Departure was making a comeback. I’m assuming this world will be towards the end of the game considering (massive series spoilers ahead) Aqua turned it into Castle Oblivion and only she knows how to turn it back. Although there’s no telling when Aqua will be rescued in the game. On the other hand, I suppose the information could be held within the data Ansem the Wise gave to Riku at the end of Dream Drop Distance. Only time will tell.

Until then, I really hope this footage reaches the public soon, and I’m super excited to get my hands on 2.5 tomorrow.

What do you think of this information?

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