New Nintendo 2DS XL Hands On

The device is thinner and lighter than the New Nintendo 3DS XL

The new 2DS XL is $150, versus the Switch’s $300. Games cost up to $40, versus the Switch’s $60 ceiling. Used games can be picked up everywhere. (The 2DS XL will cost AU$200 in Australia, but doesn’t yet have a UK price — that converts to about £115.)
Until the Switch gets more games, the 3DS might still be the best way to play the back catalog of Nintendo’s best. And the 2DS XL could be the best system to play them on.
Nintendo still supports the 3DS with games because of its install base: It’s sold 66 million over its six-year lifetime.

Check out our full video :

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One thought on “New Nintendo 2DS XL Hands On

  1. Somehow I’m disappointed with Nintendo. I bought Nintendo Switch last month, but only a week has been broken.

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