New NX Rumours

Alot more NX Rumors have come in today, with some details being interesting if true and some other details that makes me not want to buy the platform.

  • First off the it’s going to be a platform and not just one device, basically meaning there’s gonna be a handheld one and a console one, I don’t know how they’re going to make that happen considering if they both have the same power the handheld will be way more expensive due to portability.
    • Wii U will still be the main console in 2016, so there not going to release the NX in 2016 assumingly.

  • They will replace the 3ds with the NX handheld and they want the NX to be a platform where all the devices are easily programmable, so have the same architecture, this will allow for more cross buy games.
  • The nnid is going to be linked to the console, but the membership program is going to link across many others. the NX portable will come out in 2016 and will only be slightly better than the PS vita with the same resolution or slightly higher than sony’s device.
  • The nx console will not have a built in disc drive but a optional add on one, and will be able to sync with the nx portable to obtain games. The nx console will be about the same as the 8th gen consoles but probably will be better in the final release.
  • The nx will have a much better OS than previous nintendo consoles and they have hired people who have worked on android to create it, they have also hired the people that produced the GameCube OS and wii u OS.The portable will be able to have expandable storage but will also have internal.
  • They are going to completely redo the online infrastructure, will have extend miiverse and will be able to upload any videos of any game like the ps4 share option.
  • The NX console will come out about a year after the handheld so probably 3-4 quarter 2017.

  • They have new 3rd party games in development and some 1st party including f zero and metroid.
  • Zelda U is still a wii u exclusive title (thank you).
  • The console will be a high 200-300 euros, which is about the same price the wii u was at launch. take your time to think about that.
  • They will make more directs in the future with different hosts by different people if they can’t get a ceo by next month And They will talk about the new club nintendo in a new directs.

  • They are considering agreements with phone carriers for things to do with apps like miiverse and games on phones.

  • The things i hope that are true, are the new first party games, the redo of the online system and Zelda u still only coming to wii u.

    The things i really hope don’t happen are the console being less powerful and the price not being that high if it is a Ps4 graphical console.

    The probably of most of these things being true is very slim, but I still think that at least some of the ideas will be true as a lot of this is revisions of old rumours, But what are your thoughts, discuss down below.

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