New Study Shows That 66% of Players Don’t Bother With Free Mobile Games After A Day

Well, here is something interesting for today, I came across this study today that comes from which is a company that helps other companies monetize their apps, that 66.1% of players (not gamers, don’t worry) who download certain free games on their android or iOS tablets/smartphones completely abandon the apps 24 hours after their first go through.

The reason being is that it comes from a low level of interest from the user. The study shows that 19 percent of new players opened their game apps only once. And over the time of 90 days, 54.5 percent of new players had at least 5 sessions or more with a game before deleting it.

“… these numbers relating to retention (and number of sessions played) suggest that acquisition as a metric is in many cases close to worthless,”

The developers of freemium games don’t make money off the game, obviously, they make money off the advertisement of the game (In case you didn’t know.) but that’s only the case if in-game purchases don’t pan out for them. More info from the study shows that 2.2% of players engage in microtransactions of the free app.

“This suggests that – as we have previously noted – the early days of life are absolutely vital when it comes to ‘converting’ freemium players on mobile. It is imperative to make every effort to put the right experiences and offers in front of players from the very moment they begin play in order to maximize the revenue generated in what can be a very short window.”

Gamers who game on consoles and handheld will be happy to hear this news that the recent trend of freemium has died down a bit.


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