News Update on Latest Patch for BF4

With the Player Appreciation month coming in just a couple days, DICE will also be releasing their next patch which will consist mainly of weapon and vehicle balancing, as well as net code issues. DICE has just released details though of what changes will be made with that patch.

1) DMRS will be receiving damage upgrades, as well as a decrease in recoil dependent on rate of fire, across all designated rifles.

2) Shotguns will be receiving a double amount of damage while aimed-down-sights(ADS) to give players a way to increase the effectiveness for accuracy shots.

3) Hanguns such as the QSZ-92, FN57, M1911, Compact. 45, and the CZ75 will all be getting slight damage boosts. The revolvers will have increased fire rate, similar to BF3’s.

4) Heavy Barrel attachment will receive a “buff” with increased while on the move with the heavy barrel on.

5) MTAR Carbine will be receiving a decrease in long range damage and make it equivalent to all other carbines.

6) Lock-on rockets will have decreased affect on air vehicles; allowing pilots to have a substantial chance of surviving a hit of a lock-on rocket, rather than plummeting to the ground.

7) Mobile AA Vehicle will have reduce fire rate of 800 m/s to the 25MM cannons. Available rockets will be reduced to four. Passive rockets will now have to hit closer to air vehicles to be “lock onto” them.

8) M2 Slams will have to be aligned closer together to create the combined explosion in killing a vehicle; 6m reduced to 3m.

9) Attack Chopper Gunners will now be able to deal damage on vehicles rather than just infantry.

10) Scout Choppers will have reduced splash damage on the 25mm cannons.

11) MBT Law rocket will have a reduction of effectiveness of lock-on capability, requiring users to fire closer to the vehicle. As well as a slower reload speed.

12) Staff Shell will have a decrease of damage by 25% .

13) Active Protection and AP gadget will be fixed where 12g frag shells were not being prevented by the equipment.


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